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NLOESA Champion Clubshow on June 9th 2024 in Arcen (NL)

We are happy to have breed specialist Mr Nicolas Kanales from Greece as judge for our champion clubshow. (affix Aryakas) It will be his first time judging Holland, and we are happy and consider it as an honor to have him as judge for the NLOESA Specialty show 2024.

There's a weekend program for all exhibitors and visitors, and we're looking forward to meet you all in the lovely historical village Arcen!

Saturday 08-06-2024: Welcome and BBQ 

  • You're welcome from 15.00hr and onwards... Visits to the brewery Hertog-Jan can be booked on their website. Same for a visit to the Castle Gardens. And of course you can catch up with other OES people at the terrace of "De Proeverij". 
  • We selected some dog friendly camp sites and hotel in the area for you. (max. 10 minutes from the show ground) Check the Tourisme page for more info.
  • Camper parking -> limited for a few vehicles & only after alignment and reservation via KCM secretary.
  • You are invited to join the informal BBQ on Saturday evening! I We plan to start the BBQ at 19.00hr. You can sign up via the entry form. ps, you can also sign up and join without entering a dog! 

Sunday: NLOESA Champion Clubshow with double CAC!

  • This Specialty show is an outdoor show on grass and a huge ring where dogs can show their movement.
  • You can put up your tent around the ring within the assigned area's.
  • The show ground is right in front of the 'Special OES Terrace' and is open all day. You can order any beverage and/ or your lunch á la Carte at de Proeverij while you are watching the judging.  
  • There's a raffle with some nice items to win.
  • All judged dogs receive a written critic, a goodiebag and a present from the NLOESA. 
  • Rosettes for all placed dogs. 
  • Special prices and lovely rosettes for (thanks to our sponsors) 
    • Best minor puppy
    • Best puppy
    • Best junior
    • Best veteraan
    • Best Dog & Best Bitch
    • Best in Show & Res. Best in Show

Sunday evening: After Show Buffet

  • When the show is done, the dogs got their cuddles, walkies and food and get their well deserved rest, we'll sit down to celebrate the winners with a toast, and enjoy good food and chat about the show during the buffet at the terrace of "De Proeverij". 
  • You can sign up for the buffet via the entry form, you can also sign up and join without entering a dog! 


  • Please contact our KCM secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Entry fee and dinner costs;

Kampioensclubshow / Specialty  

2x CAC, 1x CAC for res. best dog/bitch

1e termijn/ 1st closing date

1 Mei/May  2024

2e termijn/ 2nd closing date

28 Mei /May 2024

 Klasse Leeftijd

 1e hond/ 1e dog

2e hond/ 2e dog

 1e hond/ 1e dog

2e hond/ 2e dog

 Minor puppy 3 > 6 mnd  € 30 ,- € 27,50 € 35,- € 32,50
 Puppy 6 > 9 mnd € 30 ,- € 27,50 € 35,- € 32,50
 Junior* 9 > 18 mnd € 47,50 € 45,- € 50,- € 47,50
 Intermediate* 15 > 25 mnd € 47,50 € 45,- € 50,- € 47,50 
 Open* 15 mnd > plus € 47,50 € 45,- € 50,- € 47,50 
Fokker/ breeder * 15 mnd > plus (breeder = owner) € 47,50 € 45,- € 50,- € 47,50 
 Champion* FCI champion title € 47,50 € 45,- € 50,- € 47,50 
 Veteraan * 8 jaar > plus € 30 ,- € 27,50 € 35,- € 32,50 
Koppel / Couple 2 honden van zelfde eigenaar/ 2 dogs of 1 owner. Both dogs must be entered
€ 5,-
Groep/ Group 3 of meer honden van zelfde eigenaar / 3 or more dogs of 1 owner. All dogs must be entered
€ 5,-

* Klas doet mee voor CAC, Beste reu/teef, BOB / * Compete for CAC, Best Dog/Bitch & BOB

NLOESA Clubleden ontvangen € 2,50 korting op elke ingeschreven hond! / NLOESA Members discount € 2,50 per dog


  • BBQ Zaterdag/ Samstag/ Saturday: € 32,50 pp (excl. drank/ excl. drinks)
  • Buffet Zondag/ Sontag/ Sunday: € 35,- pp (excl. drank/ excl. drinks)

Boek je reservering via het inschrijfformulier! / Buchen Sie Ihre Reservierung über das Anmeldeformular/ Make your reservations via the entry form


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